– CÀMICE 2017 –

A universal garment.
A ‘càmice’ as well as camicia, khamis, kiel, chemise, kanzu, kimono, koorhemd, kandoorah, gown, thaub, dishdasha, shirt, surplice, surplus, smock, is ‘that what one wears’:
Timeless, indestructible design, wears with grace.
Worn during work by artists, laboratory technicians, construction-, factory- and field workers, farmers, and prisoners.
Rightly whilst we endlessly rework, replay, review, rehearse, recite, relax, retreat, reassess and relate.

(photography: Sunanda Chandry Koning, at atelier Jozef van der Heijden)

I dress. I’ve been working in this profession since 1987. I embrace work in progress, the effort and collective excitement that lies in the process.
As I have touched and have been touched, there are many stories to tell.