The love story of MariaLux is all about that what touches our souls, trying to realize or even materialize this huge emotion, and how we feel and carry this on our skin.
So following the perfumes we created three pendant lockets and three lightly perfumed sensual massage candles in a very limited edition,
carrying the same stories and memories, literally becoming a physical experience.

The lockets we can either carry on our body as jewelry or in our purse, or attached to a garment and/or a handbag.
Inside the locket you find a 100% natural product containing just vegetable butters and oils that has been fragranced with
either yours TRULY, MADLY or DEEPLY MariaLux.

The candles are a 100% natural product containing just vegetable butters and oils, mostly used in SPA’s for body treatments.
As the candle heats, the vegetable butters become liquid – max 40 C – , thus the massage is warm and provocative,
leaving traces of MariaLux’ fragrance on your body.

I dress. I’ve been working in this profession since 1987. I embrace work in progress, the effort and collective excitement that lies in the process.
As I have touched and have been touched, there are many stories to tell.