– Interior design –

When I am commissioned for an interior, I connect to the commissioner, the location, the space, the occasion, and the needs. From those encounters their various characters and multiple stories are the inspiration upon which the content, concept and a story are based.

I use storytelling as a way to express my concepts. I aim at evoking emotions; triggering feelings, touching the deepest core of the person interacting with my work.

I believe when we create personal experiences based on common ground, this will feed a sense of comfort and ease, and define their relevance. Implementing inspiration, design, and novelty becomes an organic process for all involved in the project. It is us that will ‘inhabit’ the space that will need to make it work.

My understanding of innovation, as well as the the eternal presence and drive of our complex human desire, is very useful when designing retail environments.
My fashion experience has fuelled my intuition and sense of tactility; this characterizes my approach. I search for tactile experiences to give rise to one’s fantasy and imagination.

I create spaces to dwell in.

– Rivoli Passag, St.Petersburg –

– Nasomatto at Harrods –

– Rivoli Moscow –

– Caso Pavo Bucharest –

– Villa 515 Dubai –

– Madison Bucharest –

– Madison Budapest –

– Rivoli Magnolia, St.Petersburg –

– Avery New Orleans –

– Avery London –

I dress. I’ve been working in this profession since 1987. I embrace work in progress, the effort and collective excitement that lies in the process.
As I have touched and have been touched, there are many stories to tell.