– Parfum MariaL –


Parfum MariaL was born from the quest to embrace the unseen yet full-bodied female being.
It is soul where the magic starts, where any audience can be touched.

Parfum MariaL addresses women in a sophisticated, sensuous and mature manner, by creating
layered purely olfactive experiences, triggering our personal most intimate stories to come alive.

The perfumes are inspired by love, loss, and freedom, those most complex, by far most important
grandiose human emotions that never can be materialized.

Universal themes that are intrinsic parts of our personal lives and that create our existence.
These deeply felt emotions leave traces on our souls, as in that most intimate encounter between two people;
their perfume still lingers and finds its way between the sheets after lovemaking.

Parfum MariaL is a collaboration between designer Lilian Driessen, owner of Atelier MariaLux,
and perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, aka the Nose.

– AVE MariaL –

– YOURS MariaL –

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I dress. I’ve been working in this profession since 1987. I embrace work in progress, the effort and collective excitement that lies in the process.
As I have touched and have been touched, there are many stories to tell.